Our Mission

Protecting our clients and their financial stability from accidents, mistakes, and natural disasters by using a variety of Insurance Carriers to find the best coverage and price.

Lets Buy Insurance Right

Our Vision

To provide all Oklahomans with financial protection so they can focus on reaching their dreams!

Creating a Safer Oklahoma Today

Blake Johnson

American Insurance Partners CEO, Blake Johnson, sat down to talk about what separates American Insurance Partners from other Insurance Agencies and its quick and strong growth.

"I want to make sure every Oklahoman is safer and more secure when they leave my office, without paying an arm and a leg for it."

Blake of American Insurance Partners talks about the company’s focus and how they create competition among insurance companies to reduce insurance costs and customize policies specifically for their clients. Learn more about Blake Johnson and the foundation of American Insurance Partners in the full interview here.

“People want inexpensive insurance, but they also want to be covered when a claim arises. I want to be able to give more power back to the customer.”

The interview can be read in full here.