Tue, 03/13/2018 - 3:23pm
hail damage on car

Last week I discussed What is Collision Auto Insurance.  I find many people have a relatively decent understanding of collision coverage.  Comprehensive coverage, however, tends to give people more trouble.  This week I am going to breakdown comprehensive coverage, discuss what it is and also what it is not.

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:51am
Eye From U.S. Money Bill

People are becoming more and more concerned about the cost of auto insurance each year, as the cost of insurance continually increases.  One of the most common searches in the insurance industry is, "who has the cheapest auto insurance." Like almost every answer in the insurance industry, the answer to this question is, "It depends."
Let us look at three factors that help determine the cost of insurance.  Then we will see the best way to find the right insurance company for you.

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 11:07am

Oklahoma has been hit by several earthquakes over the past several years. These earthquakes continually get larger and larger. Questions regarding earthquake coverage has paralleled the earthquake activities. There has been a drastic increase in earthquake insurance sales, and in earthquake insurance claims.

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 10:29am

Oklahoma has one of the highest costs of insurance in the country. So it is not very surprising that most Oklahoman's are highly concerned about their premiums. What options are there for consumers besides shopping around or reducing their coverages for them to get lower insurance cost? How about increasing your insurance grade?!

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