Custom Rates

Receiving a custom Proposal

Insurance, whether it be personal or business, should never be purchased online without the aid of a licensed professional.  Nor should it be purchased from a telemarketer through a 1-800 number.  Purchasing it in this manner creates gaps in coverage and leads to lawsuits.

Every proposal from American Insurance Partners is done by a licensed insurance agent in your local area.  Each and every client will have a discussion with the agent to determine what coverage is needed and ensure that they are given a custom rate for that policy.

Submit your request for your own custom rates below.  A licensed agent will be in contact with you within 24 hours to gather the necessary information to rate your policy and to listen to what your specific needs are.  You may also contact us by phone in order to receive a phone quote and expedite the process.

In order to get proper coverage at the best rate an Agent will need to contact you.
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