Business Auto

Business Auto:

Business Auto insurance is used to insure passenger and commercial auto exposures of all businesses other than garages, truckers, and motor carriers.  These three industries have special policies designed just for them.  Coverage is very similar to a personal auto policy.  However personal auto policies typically exclude coverage when a vehicle is used for business.  Though there are a few companies that offer endorsements to cover business use on a personal policy, having a business auto policy gives better protection when a vehicles primary use is business.

Key Features

1. Covers private passenger and commercial autos other than garages, truckers, and motor carriers.
2. Coverages are written like a personal auto policy
3. Extended coverage may be available to insure you for vehicles you operate but do not own
4. Available coverage for employees who use their personal vehicles for business use
5. Varying deductibles may be chosen to mitigate cost
6. Personal and Business bundles available for qualifying vehicles.

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