Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability:

This is a generation of computers, yet few of us carry and insurance in the cyber world.  Most liability policies exclude or limit the coverage for any liability that occurs online.  Cyber liability can help protect you in many different ways.  

Content Liability: Covers your website publishing liability and protects you from any liability due to any actual or alleged error, misstatement, or misleading statement posted online.

Privacy Liability: Covers the client for liability due to the release of personal or confidential information.  Such as an email with a person's social security number is emailed to the wrong email address.

Security Breach Liability: Covers actual or alleged neglect, breach of duty or omission by an insured.  This could include information being stolen by someone who hacks into your system, or a virus that spreads to another person's computer.

Technology Errors and Omissions: Coverage designed for technology service providers and technology product providers.  See Professional Liability

Key Features

1. Liability coverage for computers and internet
2. Protection for private information available
3. Protection against hackers available
4. Protection virus transference available
5. Coverage to help with the expense of a claim is available
6. One of the highest needed coverages in today's time

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