Inland Marine

Inland Marine Insurance:

Is your property taken off your premises?  If so, you may need an inland marine policy.  The inland marine policy was originally designed to cover the transport or cargo being in transit from its' origin to the destination.  When the property leaves your premises, you could lose your coverage.  Therefore having an inland marine policy will bridge that gap.  

Landscaping crew is a great example of a business who may need this coverage.  They have lawnmowers, trimmers, and other expensive equipment that is being hauled all over the local area.  An inland marine policy is needed to cover their equipment, not a property policy.  I have a client who has hundreds of acres of land and has to mow it continually.  They have a shed that contains all their lawn equipment.  However, the shed is about half a mile down the road.  They drive the tractors to the location each week.  There is no coverage for the tractor when it is in transit with a property policy.  So, we wrote an inland marine policy on the lawn equipment to keep it covered.

If you have any property that is not always located on your premises, you may need an inland marine policy.

Key Features

1. Can cover equipment
2. Can cover product transportation
3. Covers supplies stored at temporary locations
4. Cover potential gaps in property insurance policies
5. Deductibles are used just like property insurance
6. Competitive Rates

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