Workers Comp

Workers Compensation:

Required by law and loathed by clients, workers comp may be the most difficult insurance policy to fully comprehend.  Many business owners try to 1099 their employees so that they do not have to purchase workers comp, but now laws still require coverage be placed on many 1099 contractors.  Workers Compensation laws allow employees to collect from their employers for injuries, disabilities, or death that occurs in the course of employment.  Because of the large numbers of rules and regulations that the government puts on workers comp, it is highly recommended that you work directly with an agent to ensure you have adequate coverage in place, rather than purchasing coverage over the phone or online.

Key Features

Required by law!
Do not assume 1099 contracts are exempt!
Competitive Coverages
High Risk available for eligible applicants
Local carriers in Oklahoma here to help with audits and renewals
Easy payroll reporting

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