ATV's, RV's, Golf Carts

ATV, RV, and Golf Cart Insurance:

Many people may be surprised to know that your home insurance may not cover your ATV’s or Golf Carts.  Most policies have limited coverage when the ATV/Golf Cart is on the insured property.  But the liability and property coverage probably will not be enough.  In addition to that, as soon as the ATV/Golf Cart is taken off the property, home insurance coverage does not extend to the vehicle.  These are two major reasons why someone would want ATV/Golf Cart coverage.

Similarly, auto insurance does not cover RV’s.  Recreational Vehicles have their own separate policies.  RV owners will need to have separate RV coverage for their vehicles.  Fortunately, there are several carriers out there who write this type of coverage.

Key Features

1. Additional Liability limits
2. Separate Comp and Collision deductibles
3. Coverage on and off owned property
4. Disappearing deductibles for eligible vehicles
5. Tow and Rental available
6. Personal Equipment endorsement available

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