Classic Cars

Classic Car Insurance:

Most insurance companies will not write a standard auto policy on vehicles past a certain age.  There is a special coverage for these classic cars.  All though many of the standard insurance carriers write classic auto coverage, there are some companies that specialize in classic cars, such as Hagerty or American Modern.  Classic Cars are often driven less and do not require the same coverage as an auto policy.  For instance, you probably would not need renter’s insurance for a classic vehicle.  The vehicles are also valued differently and they are driven less. All these factors drastically change the insurance rates.  Classic Car insurance is often less expensive than a traditional auto policy.  Our agents can help determine if you need Classic Car coverage or a normal auto insurance policy.

Key Features

1. Classic Cars, Custom Cars, and Roadsters
2. Multiple carriers that specialize in Classic Cars only
3. Inexpensive
4. Low Deductibles available
5. Quick and Easy to quote and write
6. Original Parts may be available

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