Collectibles, Jewelry, Furs, Guns, Antiques

Inland Marine/Floater Policy:

All homeowner’s policies limit the amount that is paid out for collectibles, jewelry, furs, guns, or antiques.  They also will not cover these items when they are away from the house.  So, to get coverage, the insured can do one of two things.  They can either add an endorsement to their home insurance policy, or they can get a “personal floater” policy.  The personal floater policy will cover high priced items regardless of their locations.  This is a great product to purchase for coverage on an engagement ring or diamond neckless. Anything that may be often taken away from the home or worn.  It is also a great product to purchase for high priced items that stay at your house, such as expensive art which is displayed on the walls, or your silverware and china.

Key Features

1. Intended for expensive items such as art, silver, or china sets
2. Covers items that are taken off the residence, such as engagement rings
3. Can be endorsed on the homeowner’s policy, or can be stand alone coverage
4. Often requires and appraisals for each item insured
5. Inexpensive
6. Low Deductibles Available

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