Earthquake Insurance:

With the recent heightened activity in the Oklahoma area, earthquake insurance is quickly becoming a topic of discussion.  Many homeowner’s policies are starting to offer an endorsement to their insurance to cover earthquakes.  But many of these policies exclude “man-made” earthquakes and they exclude damage done to brick veneer walls.  This excludes most of the homes in Oklahoma.  Stand-alone policies are available for purchase to individuals who either, cannot get an endorsement on their homeowner’s policy, the endorsement available does not offer adequate coverage, or they cannot get a low deductible.  Stand-alone policies offer answers to all these issues.  They offer low deductible plans that cover damage to brick veneer walls and cover man-made earthquakes.  They are great options for individuals in a high earthquake prone area.

Key Features

1. Stand Alone policies separate from your homeowner’s insurance
2. Low deductibles
3. Cover “Man-Made” Earthquakes
4. Cover damage to Brick-Veneer
5. Includes coverage for Personal Property
6. Loss of Use and Building Code Upgrade available

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